Live Deliberately

Living each day with deep intention.

Join me on my journey.

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I started this blog to share with my friends and family my journey with love.

I once read that my life purpose is to learn the meaning of self-love. Nothing could be more true. My journey with love began in May 2012, starting first, and most importantly, with myself. What I have learned about myself and others came from a deliberate attempt to understand myself and my actions and ultimately with those around me.

Some of you may recall that I dropped off the face of the earth for a while, disconnecting with that which did not serve me. This was a necessary step for me to focus on myself. Following the start of my journey with love, my world began to shift in miraculous ways. I got a new job, moved to a new area, three hours north from what was familiar to me, the bond with my daughter grew, the bond with her father fell apart and is still being rebuilt, I found the respect in my career that I deserved, and I started back at school to become a certified personal and professional coach.

It became apparent to me that miracles were happening in my life and I was the catalyst for it all. My exploration is endless and I’m just getting started. Follow me on my journey.


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