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A New Year’s Wish

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I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays with their loved ones and rang in the New Year with a few resolutions, or as my little girl calls them, “wishes”. 🙂

Let me ask you… what did you wish for? I set about a handful of resolutions… BUT, I did something a little different this year. I only made resolutions that are attainable. Think about this for a second… how many times have you heard someone joking about New Year resolutions and how “pointless” they are because we ultimately lose sight of our goals? Why do you think that is? Could it be that we are not setting attainable resolutions for ourselves? That we have grand ideas and “wishes” to be something we are not; somewhere we are not made to be; live a life that is not meant for us; planning now for years down the road?

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE resolutions. We have used resolutions as a way to give voice and life to our wishes, hopes, and dreams. Without hopes and dreams… what fun would life be? What would you be chasing? What would be your motivator? As much as I would like to think of resolutions as wishes, hopes, and dreams – those types of resolutions are unrealistic. The nerd in me has to tell you the very definition of a resolution is a “firm decision” and, to my point, the thesaurus  ranks “resolution” right up there with “intention”. So, I’ve created my own definition for resolution: a resolution is the firm decision to carry out a specific action with intention (and by intending on this action to take place, it must be realistic).

That being said, as with everything in life, when making a resolution be realistic, take small steps towards the larger goal. Setting attainable resolutions (or goals) are motivators because once you achieve that goal, you’re fired up and ready to tackle another. Otherwise, you set a resolution so grand and so unattainable that you cannot achieve it, which it only leads to disappointment and what I call “fear feelings” (like unworthiness, regret, shame, emptiness, not good enough, etc.). It’s not too late to make resolutions. 2014 has only just begun!

So, what were my New Year resolutions?

1) Create better relationships with family and friends. 2) Eat healthier than last year. 3) Drink more water. 4) More QUALITY time in the gym. 5) Coach five new clients. These resolutions are more than attainable for me. I was very intentional when I set out to put together my top five resolutions. I wanted to pick the ones that are not only the most important but the ones that will help improve other areas of my life with minimal effort. Let’s face it. I’m a busy lady. I don’t have time to punish myself for slacking on my resolutions. 🙂

I’d love to hear one of your resolutions! Leave a comment below or send me an email!

Lots of love.


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