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The Meaning Behind Misery

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Imagine this… You’re working hard on earning a promotion, or maybe you’re putting forth all the effort you can to make a relationship work… but it’s just not panning out. You try again, and again, with no success. You’re miserable. You’re thinking WHHHYYY is this not working out when I am putting in all this hard work and effort?

You, my dear, are going against the grain of your life purpose. You are settling for less. You are tolerating your current circumstance that perhaps you’ve outgrown. You are chasing what is not meant for you. If you were meant to have that promotion, or be with that one person, it would not be an uphill battle and your efforts would not be futile.

Now, while I know that’s not something you want to hear because in that moment, that promotion or relationship is what you want… but it’s my job as a coach to do some truth telling and truth be told, while you are busy tolerating your current circumstance or chasing that thing you weren’t meant to have, other doors to opportunities are closing. Don’t miss out on those windows of opportunities. Practice awareness and recognize where you are tolerating and struggling in life, and then try another approach or seek another opportunity.

Once you finally walk the trails of the life path you are meant to be on, everything else just seems to flow and fall right into place. You will have less struggles, less stress, anxiety… it will feel more natural.

Don’t spend your life in misery. Being in misery is depriving yourself … of happiness, love, opportunities… Recognize where you are stuck and seek new opportunities. Ditch the tolerations! Your life is waiting.

And for those of you who thought you almost got through one blog without me quoting the dictionary… ah-ha behold!

Misery – a state or feeling of great distress or discomfort of mind or body; or as the thesaurus would point out: unhappiness, suffering, anguish, anxiety,torment, grief, heartache,heartbreak, despair,dejection, desolation.

These are not loving feelings. These are fear feelings… you know how I feel about those. Get rid of them! Love and respect yourself and push forward, even if it’s into the unknown. ❤


One thought on “The Meaning Behind Misery

  1. You are so on time, so in touch….you just never cease to amaze me! I cannot even begin to tell you how many months and years I wasted on these. Then I realized that God gives me everything I need, IF I have to pray for it, I DO NOT NEED IT!! Caps so I keep it drilled into my thick head. Joani, I have watched you grow up and I am so very, very proud of the woman, and fantastic mother you are. You are so worth all that is great and wonderful in this world, and I am so proud that you will not settle for less.

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