Live Deliberately

Living each day with deep intention.

Embrace imperfections!

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You’ve heard it before, “There is no such thing as perfect.” That’s why striving for perfection is so exhausting! There is no universal standard for perfect. What you might think (or think that other’s think) is perfect, may be substandard to someone else.  Perfection is a pointless effort.

If you have to work that hard then it clearly goes against the grain of your being, your natural state, your standards or values. And, hey, you can exhaust yourself trying to live up to unrealistic standards but what’s life if you can’t set aside all the expectations (even your own) for a while and just enjoy being wholly imperfect?

We have all met someone who appeared to have it all together on the outside but inside they’re a mess. They’re stressed, exhausted, always worrying what others think… you want to shake them and say, “hey, relax, it’s okay… life is a wild ride. Just hold on tight and enjoy it.”

Think about what is means to be perfect… that’s a heavy burden to bear.

Perfect: having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics, as good as it is possible to be. The thesaurus states that perfection is “without fault or flaws”.

Seriously… who has ALL the required or desired tools to be as good as it possibly gets?? Who is without faults? Put your hand down. 🙂

So, here we go… (drum roll)…

The top 5 reasons why perfectionism, against its own definition, is flawed!

1. There’s no such thing, therefore…

2.  It’s a futile pursuit.

3. Since you can never achieve perfection, it leaves you feeling like a failure.

4. It’s exhausting. Mentally, physically, emotionally.

5. It blocks you from being who you truly are, which is perfectly imperfect! (and HUMAN – see my blog on “You are not a robot“)

Life is so short. The sooner we realize that we will be loved and appreciated exactly as we are, the sooner we can begin to embrace how wonderful and simple our existence can be.

So, be vulnerable. Let yourself be wholly seen.

Much love.


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