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I can’t help feeling like I’m ending my day unfulfilled and unhappy and because of that I cannot sleep. I started to think about why I feel this way …and well, it all lands on an interaction at work.

Have you ever met somebody that you’ve grown to admire? You’ve gotten to know them or at least as much as that person will allow. Until a particular disappointing moment in time… At which point you begin to question their character. Time and time again, you begin to wonder about someone’s morality. Well for me… She seemed kind in the beginning, but let’s be honest here and call a thing, a thing. She has, on more than one occasion, been two-faced and hypocritical.

When a person grows on you and you feel comfortable with them, you begin sharing information and you entrust that individual with this information. It doesn’t even have to be personal information. But once in a while you come across an individual who likes to use your life story to deflect or as a source for conversation… Maybe because they have nothing stimulating to offer aside from gossip? Hard tellin’…

Like I said, it doesn’t have to be personal information … But when somebody willingly uses your information as a source for entertainment or to poke fun, you have to wonder why, right? Here is what I came up with…it all boils down to reasons like jealousy, boredom, envy, hate, and anger. When I realize this… I stop being angry about it and begin feeling sorry for that person. It is terrible to have feelings like that swarming around… Jealousy, anger, those are toxic emotions.

The moral of this story is twofold.

1) Sharing somebody’s information that they’ve entrusted you with is hurtful and unkind… it causes a person to lose trust in you and makes them question your character.

2) Seek first to understand another’s behavior and ultimately spare yourself from experiencing the same feelings that led that person to wrong you on the first place.

And I guess lesson learned for me… Share your story with only those that DESERVE to hear it. Trial and error, I suppose.

Lots of love.


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