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Caution – Speed Hump Ahead

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Can we just talk about how irritating speed humps are? Are they trying to ruin the shocks in our cars? What’s this nonsense of slowing down my car anyway? I have places to be!! RIGHT?

Life has been hectic lately, chaotic even. I’ve been ridiculously busy. Even on vacation… I’m catching up on the list of things neglected by week-day responsibilities.

Instead of rushing around, what if we stopped to enjoy life a little? What if we deliberately went at a slower pace and appreciated our existence? What if we let the dishes or laundry pile for a day or two in order to embrace the company of others? What if we engaged in conversation and interaction with those around us, event that stranger in the long line ahead of you? On a good day, I could talk to a wall and feel like – man, we really connected… 

What would life be like for us? How would the day or the experience change if you took life in stride?

We are all in a rush. That’s modern-day society. It’s engrained in us… but we lose the experiences we are gifted with in life. People and tasks are treated like transactions and customers – handling it for the time being and dealing with it as if it is one occurrence to never arise again.

What if we sat down for lunch or dinner – whether with someone at a dining room table or a coworker in a lunchroom – and made an effort to get to know that person? Significant other or acquaintance, there’s always something new to learn.

How would it feel to connect with someone – to find commonality – hell, companionship?

How would it feel to taste your food, savor your coffee, hear a new story? Does time slow down when you connect?

Would you go back to your daily routine re-energized?

Embrace the speed humps.


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