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Reacting vs. Responding

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We all have those moments when we are approached by someone or met with something that tests our patience. But before you fly off the handle and lose your proverbial sh** (valid or not), implement a 24-hour rule or take a moment to subtract yourself from the equation to look at the bigger picture. 

All interactions, whether positive or negative, will have a cause and effect. You have two choices here: 1) you can REACT to the situation, which implies a negative action or behavior -usually in opposition; or 2) you can RESPOND, which implies positive behavior or thoughtful and deliberate action resulting in a desired outcome. 

Taking a moment to physically remove yourself from the scenario gives you a moment to cool off, think rationally and respond in a manner that more directly reflects who you are and what you’re about. If you cannot physically remove yourself, imagine yourself outside the situation. What actually happened? What can you personally do about the situation? Will instigating in response give you the desired outcome? Can this be mediated?

Lastly, remember we cannot control others but we can control ourselves. Be intentional in your interactions and try not to let others get the best of you.  


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