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Leadership and Followership 

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You’ve heard the quotes, “Lead by example” and “Treat others as you wish to be treated.” I read a meme last week that teased, “Apparently, when you treat others the way they treat you, they f$&@ing get offended.” I had to laugh. Isn’t that the truth? 

There are varying types of leaders in our lives from the highest and most influential type of leaders, i.e. managers, directors, corporate leaders, board members, elected officials, presidents of major corporations to the everyday parents, teachers, and the like. There are leaders in undefined roles… Like you and me, who are inspiring and looked up to, even if we are unaware. Every day we have the opportunity to make an impression on someone, to lead by example, or influence. And… Great leaders serve as role models, not bullies. 

The most admirable leader is one that does so kindly and graciously without seeking reward. Strong leaders pioneer in the way of humanitarianism, because we should all be treated fairly and with respect. The most admirable leader is the one who leads with guidance and understanding, instead of fear, intimidation, or humiliation. 

The most inspiring leader encourages authenticity and new ideas, increasing productivity and morale. True leaders don’t demand respect. They know respect is earned. And… Great leaders are not shy in honoring others with recognition when deserved. 

Great leaders build followership, and in turn mold more great leaders. 

Lead with love in whatever capacity you can. There is always someone learning from you. 


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