Live Deliberately

Living each day with deep intention.

Chart the Course

I am thrilled to introduce a new tool to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be and with record timing!

Chart the Course is a one-on-one coaching session requiring approximately one-hour.

During the one-hour session, we will identify where you are currently, where you intend to be, obstacles that are keeping you from getting there, tolerations and excuses you are putting up with (from self and others), create a road map to get there (accountability is key), and enlisting support via people, tools, and resources.

Chart the Course has been proven to work in my own life and others. Let me show you how you can make the jump from existing in life to emerging! Book a Chart the Course session with me by February 29th and receive one free month of coaching.

Let me know you are interested by emailing