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Resolve to Dissolve

It’s New Year’s Eve and many of you are reflecting on the past year and contemplating how 2018 will serve you. I find myself here at the end of every year. I can’t say that I am happy to rid myself of 2017 because it was a great year for me. A lot of productive and necessary changes took place for me in 2017. Quite of bit of opportunity showed up for me in 2017. I showed up for me in 2017. And while this year has been transformative, I am very much excited to take on 2018 and yes, I have a list of goals/resolutions.

I never understood people who minimize New Year’s Eve resolutions. Resolutions, or as I prefer to call them: goals, are a guide post for happiness. When we create a list of resolutions, we are putting out into the world our hopes and dreams for the coming year. Whether small or gigantic proportions, each goal leads you somewhere productive or serves as a force of motivation for change in your life that will ultimately bring you joy. So, what’s not to love?

I love to nerd out about my goals. I make a short list of my top five, and usually they’re vague. Under each one, I describe how I will achieve it… action items, if you will. This is what works for me. Mapping it out and visually seeing the plan in front of me helps me get there quickly and on the straight and narrow. Instead of writing things I no longer want to do, I focus on what I want. I stay focused on the positive.

If you’re someone who scrunches up your face at the word resolution, I wonder if it brings up memories of failure, fear, pressure, or expectations. Resolutions can be intimidating if you allow them to be – but how about this: If for one year, you make ONE resolution.

Resolve to dissolve all things in 2018 that no longer serve you.

Plain and simple. Ditch everything in your life that no longer serves you. Negative thoughts. Poor excuses for friends. The clutter in your home (or maybe in your head). Dissolve what you think you are suppose to be. Expectations that others have of you that don’t line up with your own personal expectations or ideologies. Just dissolve all of the negative and see how you show up for you. 

If you have resolutions, I would love to hear them! If you decide for now that you’ll only “resolve to dissolve,” then I commend you for being brave. Put your resolutions out into the universe by leaving them in the comments below!

Cheers to you, and to a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!  ❤


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Be still with this…

“The scars are there because the wounds have healed.” – John O’Leary
The end of 2016 was difficult for me. While many exciting things happened, many heartbreakingly sad things bubbled up. I’ve been forced to revisit past memories, some self-inflicted and others not. Memories that I care not to remember and serve no purpose, yet somehow I feel more whole and complete recalling them, sitting with them, and making my peace with them. Those who know me understand that the many paths to where I find myself today have been very bumpy and yet, I find myself in a stronger place in life with myself, my peers, and in my circumstances. I feel fortunate for my friendships and my successes and failures, all of which have molded the person that I am. And so, while I am still recalling painful memories from my past – a past that I am choosing to forgive and growing from – I am thankful for the quote that I heard today, because it reminds me that what doesn’t break us, makes us stronger. 
I had to share the quote with you because it might resonate with you as it did for me.  

“The scars are there because the wounds have healed.” – John O’Leary

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The Freelance Lifestyle

It’s hard to believe that only in the last 100 years we started to go to a place of employment to work a “job” that is defined by a very specific list of duties and responsibilities. The notion that one job description can wholly summarize our capabilities – or that any job is one size fits all – is ridiculous.

Long gone are the days where we are the master of our unique trades, individualized work schedules, and wild-hearted future… or is it? There is a clear and undeniable occupational revolution taking place. We long for careers that bring us fulfillment and joy. We yearn to get back in touch with ourselves, our desires, and our unique talents. We are holding ourselves responsible for creating a life we love and a future that excites us – and the right to forge our own path on our own time.

In the recent five years, I’ve noticed a resurgence of what I view as the “Creative Era”… an era that welcomes and encourages digging deep and uncovering creative talents, and nurturing and utilizing those talents to build a future. We are returning to an era where trades are highly regarded, vocational schools are acceptable, and working with your hands is a viable and valuable occupation. There’s something to be admired about someone who can create a piece of art, a delectable desert, a well-landscaped yard, or a masterfully crafted piece of literature. Trades take time, patience, and dedication.. and let’s not forget fortitude. And while the pay is not that of a doctor or a lawyer, neither are the hours. Flexibility in expression and time are important to creatives. Work and play become synonymous.

Here’s another sigh of relief… Your occupation is not meant to follow you throughout your entire life or wholly define you. We are not meant to remain forever in one career, niche or industry. As we grow and expand, personally and professionally, so does our resume. This portfolio we build begins to wind down varying paths, picking up different skills and experiences along the way.

Think about your career path. What brought you to where you are now. What did you want to be when you were a kid? Did you change paths? I’d love to hear your thoughts.